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1.広告はAdMob(Google Inc.) (過去のバージョンではZucks nend Ad Generation)を使用しており、お客様の情報を自動取得する場合がございます。取得する情報、利用目的、第三者への提供等につきましては、以下の広告配信事業者のアプリケーション・プライバシーポリシーのリンクよりご確認ください。
・Google  広告に関するポリシーhttps://policies.google.com/technologies/ads?hl=ja
・Zucks 広告に関するポリシー http://zucks.co.jp/privacy/ads/#ancTab-app
・nend 広告に関するポリシー https://www.fancs.com/privacy
・Ad Generation 広告に関するポリシー https://supership.jp/privacy/



zousan.app〈@〉gmail.com  l※アットマークの前後の〈〉を取ってメールをして下さい。

<< Privacy policy >>
ZOUSAN recognizes that personal information you keep from customers is an important asset of the customer so that you can use it with confidence and strive to protect personal information based on the following policy in its storage and use.

Personal information in ZOUSAN means that you can identify individuals (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, gender, date of birth) and individuals (cookies, anonymous IDs for ad delivery (UIID / iOS UIID or IDFA) terminal information (information that can be obtained from user agents / OSver information and model information) analysis etc.).

Those who engage in the management, use and provision of personal information in ZOUSAN strictly manage customer's personal information in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations and this regulation, unjust access to personal information, leakage, loss, falsification etc. We will pay attention to the confidentiality of personal information and work for that work so that it will not happen.
We will use your personal information in the following cases.
The free app uses the following services as an advertisement distribution tool. (Depends on the version)

1. Advertising uses AdMob (Google Inc.) (Zucks nend Ad Generation in past versions), and customer information may be automatically acquired. For information to be acquired, purpose of use, provision to third parties, etc., please check the link of the application privacy policy of the advertisement distributor below.

・Google advertising policies https://policies.google.com/technologies/ads?hl=en
・Zucks policy on advertisement http://zucks.co.jp/privacy/ads/#ancTab-app
・Policy on nend advertisement https://www.fancs.com/privacy
・Policy on Ad Generation advertisement https://supership.jp/privacy/
Personal information other than the above is not collected.

Personal information other than the above is not collected.

Except for cases where ZOUSAN entrusts the necessary contracts under the appropriate contract and outsourcing management in order to achieve the purpose of said business, the personal information provided by the customer, Except it, we will not offer it to other third parties.
"Legitimate reason" as used here means the case of obtaining consent by the customer himself or when there is a request for information disclosure relating to the case investigation such as police.
When ZOUSAN is requested to disclose, confirm, correct, delete, etc from the customer, we will respond to this within reasonable period.
ZOUSAN will practice this policy regarding the protection of your personal information and will comply with the laws concerning the handling of personal information, the guidelines established by the government and other norms, and will review and improve this policy on a continuous basis.


zousan.app <@> gmail.com l ※ Please mail <> before and after the at mark.

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